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USU Tooele (435) 882-6611
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USU Tooele shared Tooele Applied Technology College's photo.
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8 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 18
We have a new local place offering discounts to our USU Tooele Students! Yeti's Frozen Blast swing by and show them your student ID and get your discount. They are awesome.
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9 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 8
And now, @Yeti's Frozen Blast! Where else would you like to see student discounts offered?
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USU Tooele commented on their own status.
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15 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 0
Congratulations to all our Senior High School Students that are applying for college this month! Need some help with your financial aid application? Call your Utah State University--Tooele Campus at 435-882-6611 ext. 3181 and schedule a FREE appointment!
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16 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 3
If you have a kid in grades 1-12 and want to encourage her/him to be a math wiz, sign her/him up to compete in the Math Kangaroo competition. Details below.
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17 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 1
Aggies! Get out and vote today!
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18 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 4
So Awesome!
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25 days ago | Facebook - Likes: 2
Just a reminder that it is never too late to get out there and follow your dreams.

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